There are many oils and vinegars on the market. Handon's sells only olive oils that have been tested internationally and have also brought home many awards. Each oil offered by Handon's is unique and each oil has its own character. The acidity value of each oil is between 0.01 and 0.03 which is a sign of the highest quality. The cultivation areas of the olive trees are uniquely rare.

The Sicilian olive oil comes from the slopes of Mount Etna, the lava soil is rich in vitamins and minerals which is reflected in the quality of the olives. The oil has extremely low acidity and a full flavor.

The Apulian oil stands out for its sharpness on the palate and its subtle bitter note.

The Portuguese oil has little acidity, but also less pungency and also less bitterness. The Portuguese still grind the olives exactly as they did 300 years ago with old millstones.