Organic food online.

Since mid-2020 HANDON'S offers its customers organic certified food.

Why organic?

The human being should think again about consuming natural and healthy food. Yearly increasing cancer numbers by chemically treated foods are the proof that the human being basically wrong nourishes. All products that I offer here in the store are free of additives, have less sugar and no hydrogenated fats. The next step is the total ban of plastic in our packaging. Already we have only about 20% plastic packaging.

HANDON'S sells BIO food products out of conviction. Unfortunately, we can not provide all products with the BIO seal because the raw materials are not always BIO certified. However, all our raw materials are produced on a natural basis, of which we at HANDON'S have convinced ourselves. All our raw material suppliers are long established on the market and absolutely trustworthy.In the long run we would like to offer all products with BIO seal and we are working on it.... HANDON'S is convinced that chemicals do not belong in food. You can order organic spices, organic olive oil and organic coffee online.

We actively try to take care of our environment, to offer healthy, untreated and honest food without sacrificing quality and good taste.



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Mount Ethna organic Olive oil
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Amaro BIO olive oil
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27,80 EUR per l
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