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The pepper plant is a shrub that belongs to the pepper family. Until today pepper belongs to one of the most valuable spices at all.
In the Middle Ages, pepper was at times even more valuable than gold. Today, pepper is becoming more and more valuable because the cultivation is more complicated. Storms, floods and the resulting
vermin plagues make harvests increasingly difficult and yields dwindle from year to year. Often other plants are planted around the black pepper bushes to keep the pests that can damage the pepper bushes away.

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Perfectly matched Rubs for the barbecue experience of the year.
We have created three different rub mixes and one of them I brought back with me from one of my trips that was so good that I have copied it and would like to offer it here.
The ingredients of all Rubs are of the highest quality possible and come partly from France and partly from Asia. I get my Kashmiri Chili directly from Kashmir in India. As pepper I use my 4Pepper mixture, because this mixture fulfills everything that belongs in a Rub in terms of heat and taste.

Perfectly matched Rubs for your barbecue experience.
We have designed 4 different rub mixes for you and I have brought 2 from my trips that were so good that I would like to offer them here.
These are the Arabian Lamb Rub and the Fidshi Beach Fish Rub. Both are absolutely sensational.
Spicy dust beef rub
9,90 EUR
incl. 5% tax excl. Shipping costs
HANDON'S chicken sunset rub
9,90 EUR
incl. 5% tax excl. Shipping costs
Arabian lamb rub
10,90 EUR
incl. 5% tax excl. Shipping costs
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